In the framework of "Fantazia Festival" The Landmark will host the screening of the German movie "City for Sale"

Berlin is changing. From London to New York it is considered "the place to be". And Berlin is cheap compared to other European capitals. Everybody wants to live here and many want to buy a flat to put their money into a save haven with the banksystem in crisis. This is creating a conflict with the original residents. Rents are rising rapidly and neighborhoods are changing drastically. Over a period of 4 years, the author interviewed and accompanied real estate agents and investors during their daily routine and filmed tenants struggling to cope with the situation. He provides the audience with the opportunity to experience the turnaround of a whole city virtually at first hand.

Movie director: Andreas Wilcke

Genre: Documentary

Time: 20.00-21.00

Language: German

Subtitles: English

Venue: The Landmark CineClub


The entrance will be free of charges.

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